The Black

by the spectre collector



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Special thanks to - Roy Nicolson for production on "The Black"

Extra thanks to - Amanda Borosak for her voice on "Thank you Lenore"

Big gracias to - Laurent Desarnaud for his read on "How they get in"

Large appreciations to - Bill Priestley for his dulcet tones on "Auto mortuary"


released April 10, 2016



all rights reserved


the spectre collector Australia

The spectre collector is a student of parapsychology and the supernormal.
He is a writer of children's books and brief, disturbing fiction for adults.
He is a musician, singer and narrator.

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Track Name: The Black
The Black

She turned to her husband and spat in his face. Then raked her nails across his cheek, tearing off a large flap of skin that revealed his scaly, lipless mouth and small razor teeth. He peeled off the rest of his facial dermis, presenting his full head in all its gory glory, shining and throbbing like a hemorrhagic cyst.

The Black beneath
The Black within
The Black unfolds
To take us in.

In a moment of psychic meltdown she shrieked at her husband. And he suffered an immediate form of catastrophic spiritual dystrophy as she tore off her clothes to reveal no body, just The Black beneath - a void that sucked all colour and life from the world into a whirling vortex.

The Black beneath
The Black within
The Black unfolds
To take us in.
The Black. The Black. The Black.